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A glimpse into the past...



When one Sussex vicar ordered all the beer houses not to serve the village band, they retaliated by whitewashing his windows. The spirited and joyful music they had performed at the west end of his church – hence the term West Gallery music – had gone a step too far. Too often the Amberley band, who not only played at the local festivals and dances as well as in the church, could get their music muddled. Instead of an anthem or hymn, they would start a jig. This was certainly the case when a band smuggled a barrel of cider into the church gallery.

Since the reforming Victorians pulled down many singing galleries, including the one at Warbleton, the concert by Sussex Harmony at 3pm on 3rd August will take place at the east end of the church. Dressed in the costume of the mid-19th century, they will perform the music heard in both Sussex pubs and pulpits from 1700 – 1850. To add more local flavour, the music will be interspersed with snippets from the diaries of a contemporary farmer who lived and worked in our parish.

The concert is free, but donations of £5 - £10 are invited. Book online below, on the door, from our marquee at the Flower Show, or at a pop-up stand outside the Rushlake Green Village Store.

The Pattern of the Year, 3pm, Saturday, 3rd August, Warbleton Parish Church

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