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Same time, Different dimension...



If you haven’t yet explored Mixcloud, then perhaps now’s the time to do it. Mixcloud is a wonderful online place where creative, inventive, quirky, knowledgeable people can broadcast their music choices, and their highly original insights, to the world. It’s an exotic melting pot that gives it’s uninhibited broadcasters a huge canvas on which to paint their colourful musical landscapes. 


And onto these Mixcloud airwaves materialises Dissociation Station. Possibly the most quirky and creative creation on this global medium. Not so much a radio station. More an insight into the dimension-defying life of a music loving explorer of indeterminant life-form. 


Meet Radio, the host of Dissociation Station. Here’s what they have to say:


“ We are a Dimension-hopping Radio station, playing great tunes throughout the multiverse. Radio, your Host, will guide you through various themes and music, sometimes taking requests (if we can find them) and blasting great tunes for everyone to listen-in to at Mixcloud. The radio shack that Dissociation Station broadcasts from is more of an orb really. You might spot it somewhere in Rushlake Green if you look for it, the top half of it anyway. (The bottom half is underground, and is where we keep the engine, and the stable for the Musheep and the chickens.) Bob, our silent and stalwart technician will often make a cameo as he deposits a chicken in with Radio. Who by the way, is not a robot. More of a bio-tech being. But that gets complicated. Please tune in as we support the local Little Arts Festival in Rushlake Green, and bring our audacious attitude to your devices. Dissociation Station looks forward to you tuning in!”


Dissociation Station broadcasts on Mixcloud every Monday evening  (UK Time) from 6pm to 8pm. Radio has already started to trail the station’s involvement in the Little Arts Festival and during the festival itself Radio will be doing live interviews with some of those contributing events to the Little Arts Festival.


Below you will find a link to Dissociation Station’s page on mixcloud. For the best experience, simply register on Mixcloud, choosing their FREE option to start with. This will allow to you access past editions of Dissociation Station and also, during the live events on Mondays’ contribute your own comments and requests. You can register using a pseudonym - most people do, as it’s more fun and perfectly acceptable to the Mixcloud cognoscenti.

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