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The following statements apply to Rushlake Green Little Arts Festival (LAF24) and the
contents of this site:

 LAF24 is a community group of individuals who have come together for the
express purpose of showcasing local artistic talent . The aim is to connect local
people with as many artistic forms of expression as possible in a festival held
during August 2024. The LAF is not a partnership, charity or other legal entity,
profit making or otherwise.
 Unless otherwise acknowledged LAF24 own the intellectual property rights in this
website and material on the website.
 We believe we have received permission to publish, correctly attributed and
acknowledged the copyright of all images and text on this site that have not been
provided by and with the permission of LAF24. Should we have failed in this
respect please contact the Web Master who will correct any agreed deficiencies.
 LAF24 try to ensure the accuracy of any information they publish on this site but
will not accept responsibility or liability for loss or other charge resulting from any
errors in the information published by LAF24.

 LAF24 accepts no responsibility or liability  arising from errors in information
published on sites whose links are published on this site.

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