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The duo blend Jim’s guitar and Jo’s pure vocal delivery with percussion and clarinet. They introduce you to memorable characters and intriguing tales inspired by their travels and the people they have met along the way. At times heartbreaking, at times wry, a Milton Hide performance always engages and charms an audience, leaving them wanting more. For 'Your Stories In Song’ the duo tell the stories that their audience members have shared with them and perform songs that they have inspired.

They invite you to share YOUR stories, be they personal recollections, tales of local people, family history or legends associated with places such as Rushlake Green. In true folk tradition, Milton Hide will be writing more songs inspired by the stories gathered at events throughout 2024 and invite the audience to participate by singing along (not compulsory!) or even helping to write a chorus or two.

You can share your stories on the night (either verbally or writing them down) or you can send them via the Your Stories In Song website.

Your Stories in Song, 7pm, Thursday, 8th August Dunn Village Hall, Rushlake Green

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